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If there is a phrase that captures the essence of The Leona Group, it is quality schools. In our tuition-free charter schools, everyone works very hard to provide every student with the individualized attention needed to learn, grow and achieve. Each school curriculum is student-centered, with lessons and standards presented in ways that help them thrive and succeed.

East Chicago Urban Enterprise Academy is no exception. We are a team of dedicated professionals working to raise the bar in public education. We are constantly challenging ourselves by striving for continuous improvement toward a common goal: to assure every student achieves to his or her own unique potential.

Our school is distinctive, designed specifically to meet the existing and emerging needs of our community. Yet, like all Leona schools we share in these hallmark characteristics:


  • High expectations for academics and behavior

  • Personalized student attention

  • Caring, highly qualified teachers

  • Hands-on, relevant learning

  • Safe, nurturing environment

We warmly encourage parent involvement and also work to establish lasting partnerships with community organizations. This combination of caring and high standards surrounds our students, parents and staff.

The result = Excellence in teaching and learning

Students leave our school with a solid foundation for learning, taking their first steps toward a lifetime of success. Our goal is for each one of our students to graduate well prepared for his or her next step in life. Whatever they choose, we want them to thrive as individuals as well as members of their families and communities.

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