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eLearning @ the Academy

The Academy will continue to participate in school-wide planned eLearning days.  Students will remain at home, communicate with their teacher(s) via Google Classroom/Remind, & complete assignments via Google Classroom & other electronic tools.

This in turn allows our students to practice & enhance their technology skills, reflective of real-world experience they may encounter in colleges, universities & the work place.  Students have been utilizing Google tools - specifically Google Classroom - at school & can look to this platform for the information needed to complete their assignments for the eLearning day.  These assignments will follow the content & mapping that has been occurring in your child's classroom so as not to disrupt the learning experience.

We may also utilize eLearning days for inclement weather days during the school year, if needed.  Due to our planning & practice, we will able to count those as days of instruction instead of adding school dates to the end of the school year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's teacher or school office personnel to assist.

Indiana Department of Education eLearning Day Program

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